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Alcohol delivered on-demand serving the greater Metro Phoenix area.

Introducing CutWater Spirits

From the band of liquid pioneers behind Ballast Point, one of the most successful beer brands in history.

Early in their brewing tenure, their curiosity and creativity drew them to explore the art of distilling. The result was a diverse and award-winning family of spirits that became the foundation for Cutwater. Building on the tradition with their minds wide open to the unconventional, the Cutwater crew is committed to bringing quality, ingenuity and integrity to the world of spirits.


The ABC's of Cutwater

Led by some adventurous Ballast Point alumni.
A BOLD new adventure.
Ballast got the beers. Cutwater kept the booze.
50,000 sq ft, one of the largest distilleries on the West Coast
Making whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and liqueur.
A lineup of premium mixers and delicious canned cocktails.
Focused on creativity and innovation in spirits.

A Word From The Pioneers:

At Cutwater we are dauntless spirits. Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Liqueur, mixers, canned cocktails and beyond. We’re always focused on the horizon, the road ahead. We’re just hardwired that way. Armed with some heavy experience, hard earned awards and boundless energy, we’re charging ahead to carve out our place in the global spirits industry. And we invite all who share our passion to join us on the journey.

In 2016 our band of liquid pioneers began building one of the West Coast’s largest new distilleries. What started as an off shoot of Ballast Point Brewing back in 2008, is now a completely separate company, facility, and product line. Our new home is a 50,000 square foot world class production facility in San Diego where our distillers can tap into their curiosity and creativity, build on tradition, all the while with their minds wide open to the unconventional. The Cutwater crew is committed to bringing quality, ingenuity and integrity to the world of spirits.

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